Live Coding Sessions Amsterdam

Live Coding Sessions is dedicated to live coding as an artistic form and intended for beginners, enthusiasts, professionals and everyone who is curious about the topic. Live Coding Sessions is organised by Live Coding enthusiasts from Broedplaats VKG and takes place regularly at Doka (Volkshotel, Amsterdam).

Coming Up: Live Coding Sessions #7

Live Coding Sessions

Next up! Live Coding Sessions #7. Join us on Wednesday December 21st at our usual venue, Doka Amsterdam, but different day! Enjoy the art of live coding and loosen those hips for some dance moves!

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Line up

Hayify, Nikilia, Lil Bleep, eerieear, Blaž Pavlica, Sabrina Verhage en Saskia Freeke.


Hayify aka Hay has been programming since he was knee-high to a Commodore 64. Live coding is only a recent obsession. Hay’s bringing his browser-based, work-in-progress live encoding skills to the stage. Hay reimagines classic hits with a fresh, experimental twist, using techniques such as chunking and chopping to create unique, avant-garde soundscapes.



Nikilia aka Niki Scheijen is a Dutch artist and VJ based in Rotterdam currently studying Interactive Media Design at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. Intrigued by the endless possibilities of live coding Niki likes to take an experimental approach to create unique visual experiences. She loves to explore the different forms of media and technology (ranging from digital to analog, or a combination of both!) to find new ways of expression.



Wilbert Vogel A.K.A. Lil Bleep is an artist from Eindhoven, graduated from the art school St Joost in Den Bosch. Them is mostly in all kinds of digital art, from playing with a.i. to live coding music and visuals. Within the audio department he is still looking for his sound. Where it will 140 bpm more chill kind of stuff to full blown 180 bpm rave terror. Having fun with creating sounds and the unexpected outcome which comes with live coding.



eerieear is a digital art project by artist and sound designer Sebastian Pappalardo. He explores new ways of combining digital media to create compelling textures and patterns The visual part of the project combines different javaScript environments, p5Js and Hydra and in sound production, Supercollider and a Haskell programming environment called Tidal-cycles.

These programming methods allow for the creation of complex sound patterns in a series of abstract rhythms and soundscapes created through experimentation with Software and Synthesizers. These broken fragments are a representation of the chaotic environment surrounding the confused citizens of the 21 century. On the fringes of the limits of technology there are dimensions of beauty and darkness. A universe to be explored with the heart and the mind.


Blaž Pavlica

Blaž Pavlica is an audio-visual artist, audio engineer, DJ, and programmer from Ljubljana. Currently, he lives in Utrecht and works as a web developer. He has performed with his audio-visual improvisational collective PRSA Ensemble, at the start with audio and generative melodies, but slowly transitioned to analog video feedback techniques and lastly to generative geometry and real-time 3D rendering. He is interested in live coding in spatial sound formats and the new synthesis and effects that are possible in them.


Sabrina Verhage

Sabrina Verhage is an interactive media designer and creative technologist highly fascinated by the influence of modern technology on human behavior. Striving to stimulate diversity and make knowledge more accessible, Sabrina co-founded Creative Coding Amsterdam a monthly meetup for enthusiasts. There she got introduced to the electrifying world of live coding and is excited to now help spread the love by live coding visuals herself.


Saskia Freeke

Saskia Freeke creates generative, computational art on a daily basis. Both her works and her practice stand out by their distinctive playful characteristic. By creating her own rules and playfully adapting these as she goes, Saskia applies a notable evolving narrative to her work. The act of Live coding provides an awesome complementary context to her discourse - for it is the realtime exercise amongst and in conjunction with creative peers that make her contemporary artistic principles come into full play.

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Venue: Doka Amsterdam / Volkshotel

Wibautstraat 150, 1091 GR Amsterdam, Netherlands

What is Live Coding?

At live coding events, also known as Algoraves, music and visuals are coded live. The DJ and VJ are coders who adjust rhythm, pitch and visuals real time by changing lines of their code and writing algorithmic compositions. Through use of large screen projections all code is visible to the audience, making the audience a part of the experience.

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Live Coding Sessions is organised by Saskia Freeke, Klasien van de Zandschulp and Sabrina Verhage.

Are you a live coder and interested in joining one of our events? Feel free to contact us at

Live Coding Sessions is kindly supported by Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK), and Volkshotel Amsterdam.

Live Coding Sessions